Shapeshifting druid raised by the Church


This sweet girl was raised by The Church of the Four Gods, but is troubled by the darkness she’s seeing since Barbanath has been around. Meeting the party in the forest of the Isle of Gods, she took a liking to Ul’harr, being a druid also, and entrusted him with several feather tokens she had created to replant the temple courtyard trees. She became willing to even stick her neck out for the party after Ul’harr healed her fox’s broken and mis-healed paw.

She is keeping low, but is helping the party sneak into a meeting with Church officials to get rid of Barbanath and return her life to normal.

She made a mysterious comment to Veré about being true to himself and trusting his companions before revealing herself to be a shapeshifter of sorts, a hybrid hare/human, and ran off without another word. The party does not know the significance of this.



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