Shattered Sky


The kingdom of Ciel had rejoined the outside world and was discovered to have fallen into myth. Not merely separated from the world by the storm, it had been entirely hidden from view or exploration and only vague rumors of its existence still remained under the name Atlantis. It was now returned to the world in what the outsiders named the Sargasso Sea, a place of some mystery even in Ciel’s absence. More than the land had returned, though. Magic too flooded out to fill all of this world, the return of a power sealed away since pre-history.

The new gods presented themselves to the Grand Council of Ciel, now missing two leaders with the deaths of the gnomish race, and were brought on as advisers to the council that would remain led by mortals. Diplomatic ties began to form with the nations surrounding the Sargasso, most notably those of America and Europe. Though these outsiders had tremendous power and had crafted unimaginable marvels in the years since Ciel last saw men from other lands, the magical skill and great beasts of Ciel were formidable in their own right and the uneasy standoff gave time enough to settle into a peace with the other nations.

Ul’harr entrusted the lineage of Geoffrey and Tessa with the duty of raising a new storm if the land ever faced a new danger. He spend the passing ages watching over his home, ever vigilant against any threats to the land he loved. Tanien sequestered himself in tall towers and forgotten halls, studying the immeasurable knowledge of existence an finally sating his thirst for understanding. Eventually, he began to take on students and to teach the most noble of men to use the gifts of an awakened world. VerĂ© went out into the world, having never found a place to belong and seeking community with all peoples. With the aid from his friends, he formed the Steward a new body, resurrecting one who had become as family. The two then spent the ages traveling between cultures, disguising themselves as each new race, always fostering peace and cooperation. And Kar’uul returned home to Talas Temple and his mentor, the kindly priest now aged from a long life serving his people. Kar’uul knelt beside his teacher in the gardens around the temple, picked up a trowel, and they tended to the garden together. The humble god stayed with his friend for the remainder of his days.



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