Shattered Sky

(3-4) Resolution of Fate

Walking into the inner sanctum of Gehenna, the party finds a small expanse of land floating in an apparent void, fire scorched and miserable. The elements run rampant with hurricane winds blowing stones at any careless intruders, fire igniting at random and comprising a sea around the small island, rain falling but never reaching the ground and what stable land there is roiling and cracking to be picked up again and thrown by the next gust. At the center, a small broken tower with a close iron gate is guarded by a pedestal requiring six keys.

In front of the tower, the party faced and fought General Basram’s closest guards, comprised of both soldier’s in the Order of the Green Earth and black robed priests of the Church of the Four Gods. When these were slain, the keys were taken from them and used to open the tower, a puzzle itself to accomplish.

In the tower, Basram has not yet placed the Great Souls upon the altar as they resist him. Seeing the party, he pleads his case that he only wishes to release the Occuria from their burden, but his words fall on deaf ears. He and his two hell cat companions are killed, but he does not go easily. With a rasping voice, he incants “Steward! Menjadi empat memberikan saya kuasa!” and the Steward dissolves, its essence flowing into the dying man. Basram’s form splits wide and reforms as four elemental giants ready to continue the fight. Defeated again, his last body kneels wearily as a frail old man, pleading with the party to allow him to save the gods. The party instead releases Basram from his own miseries and lays him to rest within the heart of Gehenna.

Hovering over the altar, a faint portal shimmered and the voice of Salamand welcomed the party. Though the Occuria are tired from millenia of their labor, he refused to ask anything of the adventurers. The gods are immortal and powerful, but they have always been the servants to mortals. It is always the right of men to choose and always the gods who must obey.

After careful discussion, the party then lays the Great Souls down on the altar and they speak the High Occurian spell they learned from Gerolan’s Lexicon to release the Occuria from their enslavement as Ciel’s caretakers, taking up the burden themselves with intentions to first rejoin the full world unknown to Ciel’s inhabitants, then to restore the storm should dangers again threaten Ciel.

Earth and wind, fire and sea. End it all and steal the power. Mortals, become gods.

The Occuria were free and their power entered into the travelers, a half elf from Liir, a warforged from Talas Temple, a dragonborn ally of the Stormguard and a changeling without a home. The Everstorm parted. All gnomes, being part of an elemental deity and never knowing their origin, fell silently as their souls were drawn into a new god, but the Mainland sank to the sea and for the first time in countless generations. Ciel was again part of the world outside the storm.

Tanien became the new god of fire, gaining both the great power and turbulent emotions of the leader of the Occuria. Instinctively, he lowered the lands slowly without harm to any living on them.

Veré became the new god of water, gaining a kinship to all living things and growing intimately connected to all the creatures and all the peoples of the world, both Ciel and outside.

Ul’harr became the new god of air, gaining the strength to defend Ciel from all threats and to have perfect understanding of all that passes near his people.

Kar’uul became the new god of earth, gaining a steadfast will and unmovable strength, carrying also the memories of all gnomes who ever lived and a heavy heart.

After returning to the surface from the now submerged base of the Eternal Spire, the new gods bid Geoffrey and Tessa keep the Great Souls should they be needed to raise the Everstorm anew, entrusting this task to their lineage. As they spoke, a vessel of never before seen make approached, large and ironclad. A voice like thunder echoed from the ship to the six figures standing on the shore:

“A great storm appeared and parted, revealing an island that has never been here. Identify yourselves and explain what you’ve done on the authority of the United States Navy.”

Days to Festival: 37 days remained at resolution

Experience: 8625 xp (Party would have reached level 9)
Treasure: The divine power of the Occuria

Body Count: General Basram and his closest guards



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