The immortal beings that lifted the land into the sky and formed the Kingdom of Ciel in ages forgotten. Housed in the Sky Manse atop the Eternal Spire, they silently maintain the Everstorm and watch over the mortal races, never interfering in politics or the daily lives of men. No reliable witness has ever seen an Occuria, so nothing is known except their name and deeds.

The names of the four Occuria are: Salamand, Sylph, Undine and Gnome. According to Salamand, only he may speak and the mortal race of gnomes is fragments of the Occurian of the same name.

As explained by a priest in the Temple of the Four Gods in Kendor, the Occuria themselves literally are the world of Ciel.

  • Salamand, the god of fire, is the Eternal Spire.
  • Gnome, the god of earth, is the Mainland, surrounding lands, and the mortal race of gnomes (thanks to many years of crumbling).
  • Sylph, the goddess of wind, is the Everstorm itself.
  • Undine, the goddess of water, is the ocean below.


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