Weapon Augment Crystal


Lesser Weapon Crystal of Energy Assault
As a Least crystal, but the bonus damage is +1d6 of the chosen element. This crystal may only be attached to a magical weapon.
Price: 3000 gp

Least Weapon Crystal of Cold Assault
A crystal of energy assault adds a particular type of energy damage to a weapon’s attacks: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. This bonus damage doesn’t stack with any energy damage of the same type dealt by the weapon. Least crystals adds 1 point of energy damage of their type to the weapon’s damage. Cold Assault: Covered in a faint layer of condensation, this clear crystal radiates chilling waves of energy.
Price (Item Level): 600 gp (3rd)

Least Weapon Crystal of Return
This crystal is the color of a cloudless sky. A crystal of return allows a weapon to leap into its owner’s hand. Least: This crystal allows you to draw the weapon to which it is attached as a
free action.
Price (Item Level): 300 gp (2nd)


Weapon Augment Crystal

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