Summoning Dagger

Rune covered daggar

weapon (melee)

Masterwork Mythril Dagger with unknown magic properties
1d4 damage, 19-20/×2 criticals, piercing/slashing type, 1 pound


Originally owned by Mayor Simon Brak of Liir, then stolen by Blacksmith Toroth with the intention of turning it over to Barbanath, the notorious thief, this dagger was in turn stolen by the party.

Twelve inches long from base of hilt to tip of blade and sheathed in a black scabbard with a silver laced handle, this dagger’s blade is covered in magical writing that appears to be primarily conjuration, but with hints of necromancy.

Written in Low Occurian, the magic script reads:
“Salamand roused by earth kin sanguine let, entreat sigil stain they of mortal beget”

Summoning Dagger

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