Shattered Sky

(3-3) Road to Gehenna

The party needed a way to reach Gehenna, so they headed to the nearest settlement on the same isle, Farsol. (42 days) The city was overrun with bugbears and ogres, but Geoff met the party out front and pleaded for assistance. He received a vision guiding him to this city where his love, Tessa, lay imprisoned. The party agreed to rescue Tessa and steal rocs from the local aviary, then escape quickly. To that end, the party split up.

Geoffrey still had authority as an officer of the Order of the Green Earth, so he would take the Rocs on alleged official business while others would rescue the girl. At the aviary though, privates fro the Order of the Blue Sky we already taking the birds. A failed attempt at stealth led to a regrettable battle, but the birds were taken.

Veré agreed to shapeshift into Geoff’s appearance while Tanien used the bugbear illusion ring to fool the guards into believing that this traitor was apprehended. Once inside, they let Tessa out, though a battle did ensue regardless of well laid plans.

South of town, the split groups rejoined, but there were too few rocs for all to ride without sharing. (40 days) Before they could take off, though, ogres who were waiting in ambush attacked while the party was strapped to their mounts and unable to easily defend themselves. Gerolan DeSonra, the white dragon, appeared after the brief fray and introduced himself gravely and offered his assistance, as 6 humans riding 2 rocs would not be easy. He incants “Hoon Krau Uur Dool” (roughly “empower flight, as the ancient mortals”) to Ul’harr, allowing his wings full flight as the dragons of old. He invites the warforged Kar’uul to ride on his own back, and then waits for Geoff, Tessa, Vere, and Tanien to mount the two birds.

While flying down to the base of the Eternal Spire, using the Farland Spiral series of islands as guides, they were beset by a small army of fire and air elementals, but the warriors would not be deterred. The travel was tiring, but not unduly long. (39 days)

At the final destination, the base of the Spire had a small lip around it and a large door known as the Gate of Sacrifice (image in the link). At the Gate, Gerolan explained that the door will not open without the willing sacrifice of a soul, pointing to a dead soldier of the Green Order for example. He further explained that he held himself to blame for all that had happened, as he was the one who brought knowledge of the Occuria and their Occurian Runes to men and it was only with his knowledge that General Basram, Barbanath and others of their kind had been able to bring such harm. So to atone, he was happy to be the sacrifice as he had been ready for years.

The party was grieved, but fought and killed him. At his death, he was finally freed from his guilt and gave a copy of his final, complete Lexicom to the group. His spirit also touched upon each adventurer, strengthening them for the battle ahead. The group laid to sleep and regather their resources for the final confrontation. (38 days)

Days to Festival: 38 days

Experience: 7540 xp (Party reaches level 8)
Treasure: 4 Amulets of Health (2 con), 4 Potions of Heroism (2 atk/save/skill for 2 hours), 1 Oil of Keen Edge (keen weapon, 2 hours), +2 ability scores of player’s choice per character

Body Count: 1 bugbear, 4 ogres, 1 human, 8 elementals, 1 dragon “Gerolan deSonra”



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