Shattered Sky

(3-2) In the Skymanse

Given no other lead than the advice given by the dragon shadow defeated moments before, the party agreed that they might as well head to the Sky Manse. Not knowing how, and with General Basram both impatient and lacking any contributing suggestions, the party considered their options until The Steward offered that he can open a portal directly to the mansion, a skill only posessed by Occuria and related spirits.

The portal itself, a vast featureless blackness, was unfortunately occupied by The Guardian, a massive coalescence of storm that denied passage. Once, generations past, he had allowed a mortal named DeSonra to pass through to the Sky Manse and his trust was betrayed, apparently now a direct cause of the danger Ciel faced. After significant diplomatic inspiration, and the near imprisonment of The Steward, he was begrudgingly willing to let the mortals continue on the condition that they be marked and monitored.

In the Sky Manse, Basram immediately left the party and the dragon shadow revealed that it had stowed away with the party, eager to reach the Manse. In payment for his transport, he provided several more Pages, then left as well. The Steward chose this moment to inform the group that time here passes differently than in the land of mortals and they would not know how long passed until they returned.

Following the gleam of a Great Soul as shown by Novar, the party reached an unattached building beside a deep pool. Knocking, they were greeted by four beings who asked if they might challenge the group to test whether they deserve this last Great Soul. So agreed and so defeated, the party obtained the Celare Soul for just a solitary moment before Basram returned.

He demanded that the Souls be given to him. When he was refused, he did not hesitate to snuff the consciousness of all but Tanien, who’s familiarity with magic allowed him to resist the spell. Unfortunately, a wizard alone cannot face the general of the Order of the Green Earth, and soon the Souls were taken afterall. Geoffrey stood, watching, unable to either attack his friends or betray his leader. Ignored, he was then left behind as Basram used the Steward to open a portal again to the mortal lands.

The party, angered but otherwise uninjured save Tanien’s cuts, awoke and returned as well, taking Geoffrey and the dragon shadow with them, having lost everything of value except the Steward’s guidance. In their absence, (10 days) had gone by.

The Steward, though, did know where Basram was most likely to be headed: The point closest the base of the world, the only place where a bridge can be created to reach Gehenna.

Days to Festival: 45 days

Experience: not awarded yet
Treasure: no treasure awarded

Body Count: 1 huge storm elemental (diplomatic), 1 spirit cleric, 1 spirit rogue, 1 spirit fighter, 1 spirit wizard

Losses: Entire party rendered unconscious, great souls stolen



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