Shattered Sky

(3-1) Green Earth Reunion

While waiting for Geoffrey to pick up the party, Tessa gave us two Pages that she stole from one of the fathers when they began acting strangly. The pages outlined some of the Low Occurian writing and how to translate it, no doubt quite helpful in the Church’s dark rituals.

When Geoffrey arrived, he mentioned that he would have to meet up with the Order before carrying us to our final destination and that he didn’t have time to drop us off anywhere else, but we’re welcome to come with him. With that, two days were spent flying (57 days) to reach Mt. Helm and the dwarven city of Ironwright.

At Ironwright, there was ample opportunity to do some shopping and replenish supplies that were exhausted in the long chase after Barbanath. Before everyone could leave, though, spirits in the shapes of elves attacked the populace using living spells of fire. Six dwarves were killed before the party could drive back the attackers. Each hero was given a magic ring, but then kindly asked to leave before more trouble follows. The party had spent the night, and they then spent one more day flying (55 days).

At the final destination, a Greatland far to the west called Lampadas, they again met up with General Basram. He wasn’t as happy to see the group as usual, having been in some unkind council hearings over his inability to locate any Great Souls, a task the party assisted with, but never succeeded at.

As it happened though, Basram had a task for us anyway. His men had been working to solve a puzzle, but every failure summoned monsters and his men were dying. He let the party take the next wave, also unsuccessfully. Surviving the battle, the party tried again, using a slender tube etched with Low Occurian writing to decode which torches to light in which order, managing to reveal the fourth Fragments of the Steward. Tanien heard a whisper from Cogitare, asking him to pass the three Fragments already collected to the current holder of Adon, Veré. Taking the four Fragements together with the Great Soul of creation and shaping, they were combined into The Steward, a very friendly but rather blunt figure some three feet high, now bonded to the service of Veré.

While Basram was stewing that he finally found a crystal and it immediately turned into a pet the swore loyalty to the party, and to make matters worse refused to even acknowledge Basram because it will only serve those touched by the Occuria, a new threat showed itself.

A large white dragon with a Bond Sigil on its forehead, calling itself a shadow, used an opening breath weapon to catch the remaining forces of the Order of the Green Earth by suprise, killing all but Basram and Geoffrey. Then landing, he proposed a challenge. If the party slays the shadow, they earn knowledge. If they lose, the dragon gains their possessions. The party won and in the dragon’s place were four small jewels it wore on its forehead and two additional Pages.

Echoing after the dragon’s death, his voice congratulated the party on a battle well fought and issued a single parting piece of advice:

“Maybe you should try the mansion. Only from heaven can you know what hell truly is, right?”

Days to Festival: 55 days

Experience: 6450 XP (Party reaches level 7)
Treasure: 4 Rings of Protection +1, 4 Lesser Weapon Augment Crystals of Energy Assault (Fire, Electricity, Cold, Acid)

Body Count: 2 joystealers, 3 glitterfire living spells, 6 jovoc tanar’ri demons, 1 young adult white dragon



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