Shattered Sky

(2-7) Going to Church

Along the outskirts of Kendor, the party stops to devise their next move. On the run from the Order of the Blue Sky as well as being hunted by agents sent by The Church of the Four Gods, the party has few choices. They must dodge the authorities looking for them, and find answers as to why the Church wants the shards in the party’s possession.

Deciding to find their answers from the source, the party sets their sights on The Church of the Four Gods, located on the Isle of Gods, a greatland to the east. With a lengthy travel ahead, the party asks an incoming trader group for directions to the nearest town of Nalbina, hoping there to find a ride.

With about a day spent traveling (64 days), the party arrives in Nalbina by the next morning. Stopping by the nearest inn, they manage to find a roc rider willing to take the party to the Isle of Gods as long as they never ask his name and as long as he can drop them off a few miles from the temple itself, as they’ve taken to attacking unwanted visitors. Agreed, the party and the roc rider head out… after fighting a rather polite dragon sent to stop them and convincing him instead to fly WITH the party and lead them safely to the temple… quite a feat of diplomacy.

Dropped off on the outskirts of the forest the next day (63 days), directly on the opposite side of the temple, the party started moving, following Novar’s revelation of another Great Soul in the woods. They quickly ran across footprints leading them on a wide curving path, which they followed and were glad to find led them AWAY from patrols through the forest. At the end of the path was a young girl and her pet fox. She immediately bonded with Ul’harr, being a druid herself, and begged his help healing her wounded pet, a favor the dragonborn happily gave.

The girl, Tessa, led the party through the forest to the temple, suggesting using the topiary maze to reach the door without being seen and giving Ul’harr a feathertoken, a magical seed that would grow a great tree if planted by someone with significant spiritual strength, because she was so saddened by the rot and decay of the courtyard since goblins started working with the priests. Though she carried a Soul, Adon, which she called Donel as she claimed this to be the given name of the man who’s soul was within the cryst, and a Fragment, Krau, the party did not steal either from her.

At the edge of the forest, Tessa parted ways, but spoke kindly to Veré and encouraged him to be himself and trust his companions, before shapechanging into a hare-human hybrid. She gave Veré a wanted poster featuring likenesses of the party, then ran back into the forest with her fox. The party doesn’t know the significance of the words spoken to Veré, but Kar’uul begrudingly accepted that this shapechanger is a kind person, despite a racial distrust of changers in general.

In the maze, the party was indeed hidden from the guards, but not the eagles patrolling the air, two of which dove to attack but were easily slain. Once through, Ul’harr planted the feathertoken and it grew one hundred feet high (as strengthened by the Vaymin Soul he carried). The overflowing natural magic was such that even Tanien’s livewood staff began to flower. Tessa had been following and couldn’t contain her joy, shoving more feathertokens into Ul’harr’s hands, but then running off as a priest approached the party.

Father Dorn, two followers, and a barghest came up to the party. The barghest was none other than the infamous Barbanath, who gloated about his success and baited Tanien by speaking of the death of his friends before using telepathy to summon the ritual dagger to him. Afterward, the four of them attacked, but were defeated by the strength and experience of the adventurers. Fallen, Father Dorn’s visage changed to reveal him to be an undead, masked to appear still living.

Tessa ran back to the party and begged them to spend the night hiding with her so they can be well rested for a ceremony tomorrow in the temple. Many slaves and prisoners, all short and hooded, have been brought to the temple and the priesthood will be doing something with them tomorrow (62 days). The party left with her, trusting Tessa’s judgement.

Days to Festival: 62 days

Experience: not awarded yet
Treasure: Heavy Darkwood Crossbow +1, Belt of Priestly Might, Mithril Greatsword +1, 6 Tree Feather Tokens

Body Count: 1 Incarnum Dragon (defeated diplomatically), 2 Giant Eagles, 3 Humans, 1 Barghest



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