Shattered Sky

(2-6) Prison Break

A week has passed since the party was incarcerated, with no hearing date from the magistrate being set yet. The party has made been left in their cell, with no other company except a letch named Bubba in a nearby cell, to the particular dismay of Tanien.

A gnome by the name of Suram was eventually led into a cell across from the party. After a discussion, the decision was made to not stick around any longer, given the party’s obvious guilt. A mutual agreement was struck. He would provide the means to escape, and in return the party would ensure safe passage out.

Preparations were made, and upon the activation of an unknown form of magic by Suram, the lights on the floor went out and the doors popped open and the antimagic field in the prison disappeared. He then granted the rogue a magic to boost silent movement and the warforged a magic to shed light in the darkness. The party made it to the back of the holding area to retrieve their personal effects and weapons as quickly as they could. Hearing the Order of the Blue Sky guards coming down the stairs, Suram stayed behind to search for the hidden exit with Kar’uul protecting him. The rest of the party took it upon themselves to free the rest of the willing prisoners, creating a distraction for the guards. With the ensuing chaos, the party slipped out the back.

Finding themselves then in a disused room and a massive chasm to an opposite door. Suram enchants Ul’harr’s boots, allowing him to take a flying leap over and extend the bridge back over for the rest of the party to follow.

Opening the door on the far end of the chasm, the party was immediately greeted by working mechanical electrum clockwork horrors maintaining the disused sewer system. With a spectacularly failed attempt at sneaking past, the party instead attracted the attention of three clacking mechanical beetles armed with buzzsaws.

Dispatching those beetles, the party navigated the sewer system to come upon a large room, ringed with doors, and a massive engraved rune of in the shape of Mao in the middle. With a little investigation, the party discovered on the far hallway, a control room that would rotate the main room, opening two opposite doors at a time. Leaving Veré in the control room with one of the Great Souls, Tanien used Cogitare to instruct him on when to activate the room control. Passing through flooded rooms, collapsed sections, and sewer corridors, the party managed to pick up a bag of boulders from a lifeless skeleton and avoid drowning as water occasionally rushed in, finally reaching a second control room connected to the first allowing the party to reunite and move on.

Working their way upwards after retrieving Veré, the party traveled through a length of natural caverns, killing a swarm of magerippers with minor injuries.

At the exit, Suram confronted the party, demanding the great souls for The Church of the Four Gods. With a firmly opposed but friendly response, the party fought and defeated Suram. Upon his corpse, the party came across a missive declaring:

“Go and retrieve the Great Souls, so that we may complete our set. Though you may die, know that the Church will survive. As long as the Occuria remain, we will prevail. This Festival will be the last for the blasphemers. Go and do your sacred duty to the Four Gods.”

Weary, the party disposed of the gnome’s body back in the natural caverns. The party returned the IOU to Elena and said their final goodbyes, making good their escape from Kendor.

Days to Festival: 65 days

Experience: 4000 XP (Party reaches level 5)
Treasure: bag of boulders

Body Count: 3 electrum clockwork horrors, 1 swarm of magerippers, 1 gnome, 1 geodite



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