Shattered Sky

(2-5) Kendor Shopping Trip

In the capital city of Kendor, General Basram leaves the party to attend to lengthy debriefings, handing them a healthy allowance of 1000 gold each for their troubles.

Taking this much needed time off, the party purchases supplies in the shopping district. Tanien purchases a shortbow, seeing the need to augment his ranged combat abilities. He also finds a wizard to tutor him in a new spell. Kar’uul finds an eternal wand of repair light damage in one of the shops.

Calling it a night after a long day of shopping, the party finds and pays for several private rooms at an inn. During the night, Tanien notices a couple faint glimmers of light towards the northeast part of the city, possibly pointing to more Great Souls. Mentioning this in the morning to the party, Tanien directs the party to start heading inwards towards the nobles district.

It wasn’t long before trouble found the party in a form of several bandits, one of whom lifted Kar’uul’s money pouch, and another who was caught by Veré. They were easily dispatched, and the party quickly vanished back into the city proper.

Near the gates to the Nobles district, the party sees Elena, an elderly woman, being accosted by an Order of the Blue guard for unpaid taxes on her apothecary shop. Both Tanien and Kar’uul graciously offer to pay her back dues, as well as a little extra to tide her over.

At the gates, the party was stopped for insufficient papers. They head back to Elena where the favor was repaid in the form of directions to a clothing outfitter, Jacob, and an errand to run into the nobles district as pretense to get past the gate.

After making their delivery for Elena, the party comes across a group of goblins exiting a sewer. They follow the goblins to a large church devoted to the Four Gods. Tanien and Veré head inside, leaving Kar’uul and Ul’harr to watch the exit. Waiting for the goblins to move again, a priest in the temple explains that the Occuria ARE the world of Ciel.

  • Salamand, the god of fire, is the Eternal Spire.
  • Gnome, the god of earth, is the Mainland, surrounding lands, and the mortal race of gnomes (thanks to many years of crumbling).
  • Sylph, the goddess of wind, is the Everstorm itself.
  • Undine, the goddess of water, is the ocean below.

Hours go by, and the goblins were seen exiting the temple. Kar’uul and Ul’harr quickly heads back to the sewer entrance to cut off the goblin’s escape, while Tanien and Veré catch up behind. A battle takes place at the sewer entrance with two of the goblins immediately running off for help. One of the goblins shifted into a fierce wolf-like barghest, leaping for Kar’uul. Under focused fire, the barghest and one of the goblins perished, with a second goblin severely injured before the battle was stopped by Order of the Blue Sky guards.

The party was lead off to a holding area for use of deadly force within city limits, trespassing in the noble’s district without papers, and other more minor crimes. Due to the increased strain on enforcement in the months leading up to the Festival of the Storm, no promise was made when the magistrate would be available for trial.

Experience: Not Awarded Yet
Treasure: 5600 gold, Cogitare Soul, Naen Fragment of the Steward, eyes of the eagle, talisman of tenser’s floating disk, handy haversack, necklace of fireballs I, hand of the mage

Body Count: 3 human bandits, 1 mercane, 1 goblin, 1 barghest



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