Shattered Sky

(2-4) Clearing the Cave

Leaving the room with the newly found crystal, the party found that the cave-ins had left only a watery path out, but it was too deep, too long and too cold to swim. Finding ruined furniture left by old occupants of the caves, a crude raft was built that the warforged dragged down the river.

At the other end of the waters, three goblins were facing a crystalline spider and happily accepted the party’s help in fighting it. Once it was down though, the goblins’ ogre companion returned and the two sides turned on each other until only the party was left alive. Having heard that the orge was looking for two colored halls, and having found a scroll on one of the goblin’s corpses explaining that Barbanath send his forces to locate two colored halls, the party picked up the trail.

The ogre had a mask boosting its wearer’s knowledge of dungeons, but even with it, the going was difficult and multiple dead ends, cave-ins, and pits wore at the party before the found the fork in the path leading to a red path with runes and a blue path with Barbanath’s objective. Guarding it was a strong, large guardian who’s touch drained the mind of its targets. Past it, though, was a second Great Souls, the Vaymin Soul. This purple crystal engraved with a wolf’s face grants its holder empathy into other crystals.

The Vaymin Soul revealed that it has fondness for the Novar Soul, which has no real opinion on Vaymin. The crystal found earlier was not actual a Great Soul, but is instead called the Khur Fragment of the Steward, a very minor Occurian spirit.

Unable to retreat back to the red path due to a trap, the party climbed to a cave with a view of the sky, but no way to climb out. During the night, though, Kar’uul’s repairing was noisy enough to attract the attention of the Order of the Green Earth and obtain rescure. Geoffrey had been pulled from the caved by the Order of the Blue Sky. Due to jurisdictional considerations, General Basram admitted that he would need to leave without finding their goal, never knowing that the party already had the crystal.

Experience: 3250 XP (Party reaches level 4)
Treasure: two weapon augment crystals (least weapon crystal of return, least weapon crystal of cold assault), crystal mask of dungeoneering knowledge, shard of bluffing +10, eyes of expanded vision

Body Count: 3 goblins, 1 crysmal, 1 ogre, 1 mindshredder



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